Big, huge, hearty thanks to everyone who helped to make this event
happen! Thank you for contributing, donating, volunteering,
and/or showing up! We raised lots of cash for the shelter,
plus donations of blankets, newspapers and toys.
Thank you all SO MUCH!
Bruno would have been proud!!!

Local Businesses that Supported Us:
Priority One Printing
(Candy Wakinekona, there's nothin' better!), Bay Area Counseling Center (Woot! Nancy Maloney!), Henry's Market (Yay! Brian K!), Best Buy (Andy is Dandy!), Smokin' Coffin (Arthur! Arthur!), Trader Joe's (Nice gift basket, Brian!), Lucky Strike Lanes (Bre = the Bee's Knees), and Sis's Stars In the Sky (for putting up with us!). THANK YOU ALL!!!

Mentors :
Larry (not the cable guy), Danny Lou (PA System, ETC), Craig Ibarria (Sage Advice)

John Ursich, Nick Coen, Marsy Tupaz, Sam Ganim, Ben Moss, Liz Anceno, Christian Raya, Areli, Omar Tassy, Vaughn Duitsman, Nadya Ishkovski, Myrna Rodriguez, Carmen Murrillo, Diana Guzman